Namaste- The light in me acknowledges the light in you, and bows to it.

About me:

I fell in love with movement at a very young age, always pushing my body to the limits to see what it was capable of. I began Tap and Jazz lessons at the age of five, and slowly over the course of 13 years added more disciplines such as contemporary, ballet, lyrical, etc until I could have a taste of them all. I began my teaching journey at 15 years old, when I taught my first dance class, and continued to grow in dance both as a student, and as a teacher for 8 more years. At the age of 19 I moved to Toronto to further myself as an artist, and expand my skills in the areas, of dance, voice, and acting.

I took my first yoga class in 2008 at a Moksha studio in downtown Toronto, little did I know that as I laid there in that heated room, that I was laying the foundation for years to come, and what would become a very nourishing and important part of my life. Over the course of three years I was blessed with the opportunity to practice many styles of yoga all over the GTA, but it wasn’t until November of 2011 that everything started to fall into place. After being told that the injuries I sustained from a car accident would probably be this way for the rest of my life, I knew that NOW was the time for yoga. In November 2011 I signed up at my local studio for their 30 days for 30 dollars promotion to new members. Determined to nurse my injuries and body back to health, through awareness, strengthening, and relaxation, I once again turned to yoga. What I found was Anusara inspired Hatha Yoga, which changed my life. Everything started to make sense, and fall into place. The message of intrinsic goodness, the knowledge these teachers had, and the way they could speak alignment so clearly, playing to the subtleties of the human body, and moving it in a way that made sense, I knew that I had come home. After one month of practicing this style, my entire body started to shift, and change. All the strength I had always tried to instil in my body throughout all my years of dancing and those first few years of yoga finally surfaced and became clear to me, and I was able to tap into this pool of energy that I had always felt was there, that I had always felt capable of. In April of 2012, I entered into my Anusara Inspired Hatha yoga teacher training, where I studied everything from the poses to anatomy, the energetic body, and yoga philosophy which dates back over 5000 years, and practiced steadily for ten months as I completed my 200 hour teacher training Program. I graduated in December 2012, and wrote my final exam in February 2013 to complete my training. I love yoga, because it teaches me how to better understand myself, the world around me, and my place in it, to contemplate everything and to look for the deeper softer messages that are all around us. It helps me to slow down, stop, and listen to that inner voice with compassion, and to nurture it like I would a child I love so dearly. Yoga has taught me self-love, which in this world is so important to have. I’ve found steadiness in uncertainty, and calmness in the chaos. My goal is to educate people about the mind/body connection, and cultivate health and steadiness in the body, and mind so we can live a happier, healthier, and calmer life. The vehicle in which I’ve found to do this the best is through my Yoga practice, and offering what I’ve learned as best I can , and to do it in a way that is opening, loving, and nourishing, for the body, mind, and heart of everyone I teach.

Qualifications and certifications:

2012-2013 Anusara-Inspired™ Hatha Yoga Certification under Yoga Alliance
2006-2008 Randolph Academy of Performing Arts College (Voice/Dance/Acting)
2003-2005 ADAPT Teachers Training School (Tap/Jazz)

I had the pleasure throughout my courses to study and learn with some amazing teachers and mentors on a variety of topics such as Biomechanical principles of alignment, Philosophy, Anatomy, Ayurveda, Asana, Pranayama, Hands-on adjustments and therapeutics applications, Mindfulness, and Meditation.

In no particular order I’d like to pay homage to those who have contributed to my learning, supported me and my practice, and deeply touched my heart in this particular part in my journey of my life.

Christi-an Slomka, Leena Miller, Bradley Krauss, Darcy Hagerman, Ashleigh Ireland, Carlos Pomeda, Marc Bubbs, Matthew Remski, Tina Veer, Scott Petrie, Noah Maze, Cynthia Cooperstone, Marinella Ness, Ana-Maria Alvarado, Lindseed Toner-Camulsky, Chrys Muszka, Charlene Yeh, and Serah Ruth Goldberg. Your openness, knowledge, compassion, and humility humble me. I am honoured to call myself your student.

Ania, Melissa, Sandy, Sarah, Melody, Paul, Nastya, Natalie, Emma, Mary Anne, Katie, and Carmen, for allowing me to be myself, the space to grow and learn, and the safety to fall flat on my face, knowing my friends will be there to put me back into handstand.

Finally I’d like to take this space to thank everyone who made this journey even possible. That starts right at home with my loving partner Mason Coulter, who’s dedicated countless hours into helping me set up my website, supporting my practice, helping me get my business off the ground, and most importantly believing in me. My mother who lent me the money to take my training no questions asked, who gives everything she can, supported my journey to keep trying on different hats in life until I found the perfect fit, and who never tells me I can’t do what I set my heart on. My amazing siblings, who were my first teachers in this world, and who I am eternally grateful for every day. Roni Sue Coulter, for being one of my first students, believing in me enough to invest in me, and helping me find students who wish to learn, and the rest of the Coulter clan, for putting up with my dinner time yoga talks, and supporting me on my journey. Last but not least, my close friends and chosen family who are a constant ear to my babble, believe in me even when I have my doubts, and push me forward as I sort out my place in yoga and in life, who never tire of our conversations and my contemplations. I am forever grateful for each and every one of you, for without you, I would not be me, and I would not be where I am today. From the bottom of my grateful heart, thank you.