Namaste- The light in me acknowledges the light in you, and bows to it.

In general, there are some basic items to bring to any yoga class. Some of these items you may already have, others you will need to purchase.

1. Loose Clothing

A simple t-shirt or tank, sweatpants, shorts, or work out pants will suffice for a yoga class. You do not need to purchase any special clothing. Keep in mind that there is a lot of stretching involved in yoga, and you may want to wear shirt that fits comfortably when you stretch in either direction, or when sitting. How you dress will depend on how sweaty of a person you are. I recommend layers! *It is especially important to wear a long enough shirt to cover your midriff when you lift your arms over your head or stretch them out to the sides so you don’t have to fuss with clothing and can enjoy the class.

2. A Pair of Warm Socks

Yoga is best practiced barefoot. Bring socks for the end of class and cool down.

3. A Zip-Up or Pull-Over Sweatshirt

The sweatshirt will also come in handy for the meditation portion of class. In most yoga classes it is possible that you might start your work out with the sweatshirt on and remove it as your body heats up with movement. During the cool down portion and meditation it may be warmer to put the sweatshirt back on. It’s important to keep our bodies warm throughout the class.

4. Yoga Mat

A yoga mat can be purchased at a gym, walmart, or other work out equipment places in town. Any mat will do, it doesn’t have to be yoga specific, however I do recommend it be thinner for balancing poses and such, because you want to still be able to feel the ground. For people with sensitive knees and such, read number 5.

5. Towels

A towel serves different purposes during yoga. If you are likely to sweat, bring a hand towel for wiping your face and to keep your hands dry. Face cloths work great if you know you have wrist issues, I recommend you bring one for each wrist. I recommend everyone bring a bath towel and I’ll show you how to use it to your advantage! Some yoga students like to cover their mat with a towel, however this is not a heated room, and it probably won’t be necessary. During the meditation at the end of yoga class, a small or rolled up towel could also serve as a small pillow or as an eye cover, for deeper relaxation. While some people may want to use a towel instead of a yoga mat, it is not recommended. The towel could easily slip out from under your hands or feet and cause you to fall. It's better to practice yoga directly on the floor rather than on a standard towel.

6. Water

Bring a bottle of water to yoga class. Yoga is exercise, and sometimes you do sweat. Most yoga classes last a minimum of one hour, and you would not go a whole hour on a treadmill without water. We need to replenish our bodies as we sweat and work our bodies.

7. Belts/straps

A strap of some kind can help when we need to lengthen one part of the body to find truer alignment with more ease.